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A sustainable economy for content creators.

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How It Works

  1. Creators mint images or videos as moments
  2. Collectors buy packs which contains 3 randomly selected (time weighted) moments.
  3. Each unique moment has a rarity randomly assigned to it, higher rarity has more earning power
  4. Each pack purchase is distributed between the creator and all moment holders
  5. How much you earn is based on what moments you hold and the rarity
  6. Moments can be resold on the marketplace.
  7. Each transaction has a small fee that is split between the creator, the community and the Highlight network.
  8. Every Creator has their own economy, you can create teams to collab

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For Creators

Turn your content into collectible highlights. Earn royalties from your greatest moments.

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For Collectors

Buy collectibles to support the creators. Earn dividends while holding memorable moments.

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